Fic: Tailspin - General - Jake Green, Heather Lisinski, Edward Beck, ensemble cast

Title: Tailspin
Author: tanaqui
Rating: General
Characters: Jake Green, Heather Lisinski, Edward Beck, ensemble cast
Warnings/labels: none
Word count: 34,820
Summary: On his return from Texas, Jake tries to fit back into a Jericho gearing itself up for continued resistance to Cheyenne control. But he finds everything has changed—and that everywhere he goes, he runs into Beck.

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Fic: To Nourish One Small Seed - General - Beck/Trish

Title: To Nourish One Small Seed
Author: tanaquific
Rating: General
Warnings: None
Words: 2,600 words
Summary: A chance encounter on the streets of Columbus has turned into a regular rendezvous over coffee for two lonely exiles from Jericho. When Trish brings fresh news from their mutual friends back in Kansas, she and Beck begin to understand that their meetings are more than just a pleasant way to pass a little time.

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Fic: The New Girl in Town - General - Heather, Emily, Bill

Title: The New Girl in Town
Author: tanaquific
Rating: General
Characters: Heather, Emily, Bill, Mary, Gracie
Warnings: None
Words: 2050 words
Summary: Heather is still finding her feet as she settles in to her new job and new home in Jericho. But the residents of Jericho seem friendly enough. Maybe a little too friendly....

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xover exchange

Crossover Fic Exchange!

Sign ups open tomorrow at xover_exchange, a multifandom crossover fic exchange. Jericho is one of over 50 eligible fandoms for this round.

Jericho's post-apocalyptic setting make it a great candidate for crossovers -- what if the BAU (Criminal Minds) were investigating a case in Jericho when the bombs hit? What if the bombs were really a Skynet (Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles) strike on humanity? -- but there is also tons of great fic to be found in having the Jericho characters playing in other fandoms -- what about Heather the next vampire slayer! Or Jake Green hitching a ride on the Millennium Falcon? If those or any of the thousands of other crossover possibilities appeal to you, please consider signing up!

Fic: (Follows You) Back Home - General - Jake/Heather

Title: (Follows You) Back Home
Author: tanaquific
Rating: General
Characters: Jake Green, Heather Lisinski, Johnston Green, Freddy Ruiz, Anna, Stanley Richmond, Mimi Clark, Robert Hawkins
Warnings/labels: None
Word count: 20,910
Summary: A sequel to New Day Rising. Separated from the woman he loves and sent back in time, Jake has successfully prevented the September attacks and dealt with the immediate problems that faced him in the days before the bombs. Now, settling into a new job as a pilot for a charter airline and mending his relationships with his family, he longs to rekindle his romance with Heather. When he’s finally able to return to Jericho, fate presents him with a chance to again rescue her and her class from danger.

Art by: skylar0grace

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Fic: Such stuff as dreams are made on - Teen - Jake/Heather

Title: Such stuff as dreams are made on
Author: tanaquific
Rating: Teen
Characters: Jake Green/Heather Lisinski
Contains: References to past violence and sexual assault
Words: 840 words
Summary: Jake wants to keep Heather safe, but there are some things he can’t protect her from. Refers to events in Scribbler’s Devil’s Due.

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Title: Birds of Passage
Author: neotoma
Artist: cashay
Genre/Pairing: Sam/Gabriel/Vessel, implied Mimi/Stanley, implied Bonnie/Sean, implied Bill/His Wife
Rating: Adult
Word count: ~61,000
Warnings/Spoilers: gore/animal sacrifice, gore, implied past abuse, gore/torture, homophobia/transphobia, set post-S5 SPN/ S1 Jericho
Author's Notes Written for the gabriel_bigbang. I'm taking shameless advantage of the fact that Richard Speight Jr. played Deputy Bill on Jericho and the Archangel Gabriel on Supernatural for this crossover...

Cheerleading by owleyes_arisen andmikhala_c, proofreading by greenygal, Russian help from alpheratz, and Norse help from ellen_fremedon. Used astolat's OpenOffice fanfic conversion macros to code the HTML

Summary: A very odd set of refugees come to Jericho, bringing with them an unbelievable secret. Jake Green, Mimi Clark, and Bill Koehler get to deal with tree thieves, mad farmhands, looming starvation, and and the occasional pagan deity passing through. It's just one damn thing on top of another after The End of the World. . [crossover with SUPERNATURAL]

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Cover, chapter headers, and icon -- by cashay, all of which are awesome.